Thursday, June 27, 2013

Russia Seminar

Last weekend, on June 21-23, we held a seminar in Moscow, Russia.
Participants came from Germany, Ukraine, and some guys from Siberia took a train for 2 days, I have all the respect for this total dedication to karate.
We worked on fundamentals, such as posture, stance, body dynamics and kime, than kata kitei, as a mean to digest all those fundamentals and apply them in variety of directions, lines of energy.
We worked on finding one's own stance, and connecting the stance to the body center to transfer energy from ground reaction, and connecting the body center to the elbows.
We worked on Oji Waza (response) footwork and timing and applying the principles and methods we learned against unknown attack, by learning to thrust our breath and feet with our experience to make decisions. We touched Shikake Waza (set up), mainly "invite" and combinations attack, and creating and picking the right initial timing for combination attack.
It is important to work hard and intensely but also to know when to slow down and digest the details.
Nothing is more fun than sharing karate.

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