Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Keep trying"

I love this quotation by Thomas Edison "our greatest weakness is giving up.
The most certain way to success is to try one more time."
Many times when a student asked Sensei Nishiyama question about technique or express difficulty in getting something to work, the answer was “keep trying”.
Sensei Nishiyama was a man of few words (when it come to karate, he loved to talk when socialized), he said just enough to give you direction, but wanted you to find out through training.
We must train than contemplate, repeat but don’t be mechanic, don’t just keep going, reflect on what you do, some of the understanding can only come through repetition, if something does not work, figure out what should be done differently, usually the difference is subtle, and therefore require awareness and openness.
That what “keep trying” means.

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