Monday, April 15, 2013

Czech Republic Seminar Last Weekend

Just returned from Czech Republic seminar, it was a great, with 100 participants from Germany, Ukraine, Russia Poland and of course Czech Republic.
Spirit was great, the atmosphere and friendships even greater.
Vladimir Pucha and his team from Ukraine drove 15 hours non-stop and than step into training, I really appreciate this spirit.
We spent a lot of time going through details of kata Hangetsu, Kanku Dai and kata Kitei (which was composed by sensei Nishiyama for competition).
Once we went through the precise form of each kata, we went on using the kata as a vehicle to understand and internalize principles of technique and application, which are contracted within the kata.
We spent a lot of hours practicing Shikake Waza (strategy), with many variations of Sasoi Waza (invite) and combinations including timing and distance.

The level was obviously higher than last year, the enthusiasm even higher, Nishiyama karate is going from strength to strength.

I landed in LA slept for an hour and a half and went to dojo to teach; now I need some rest.
Thank you guys for the hard work.

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