Sunday, April 1, 2012

Czech Seminar

Just finish teaching seminar in Czech Republic, it was great, 90 participants, from Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and of course Czech.
Everyone was passionate, spirited with will to get better.
It is so good to see that we are keeping the beautiful karate system Nishiyama Sensei taught us alive and flourishing.
It is not an easy system to learn and not for everyone, it is a very intricate system, and there is a lot of confusion in ITKF about what is Nishiyama Budo karate.
Those who are willing to truly learn this karate will benefit greatly.
We are going to keep a clear direction and the purity of our karate.
We worked on fundamentals, such as posture, using stance and ground reaction, coordinating the breath with body dynamics, muscle action and the use of the feet, maximizing impact power to make todome by using snap, pressure to floor and total body contraction in shortest time to line of technique.
We used Niju Shi Ho kata as a vehicle to understand some of the fundamentals, and to use full range of muscle action, and smoothness between techniques without compromising kime.
We spend a lot of time understanding and practicing footwork of Oji Waza (response timing) and a lot of time doing Shikake Waza (set up and strategy), especially combination attacks, and how to set the right situation and timing for combinations.
Thank you for your passion and hard work all participants, lets keep getting better and better, infinitely.

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