Sunday, February 12, 2012


We had 3 great days here in Bavaria, great spirit, groups from Austria, Czech Republic and many cities in Germany. Everyone is eager to learn and get better, it cannot be more fun to teach.
On Friday we cover posture, using ground reaction and body dynamics and timing of sen including Zanshin.
Yesterday, Saturday, we went through Kitei kata, which was composed by Master Nishiyama with assitance of Goju master Kisak and Shito Master Mabuni. There are a lot of misinterpretations in this kata so I tried to clear them out, and used this kata as a vehicle to understand karate fundamental principles. Later we covered making shocking power or making Todome (finish technique), and as far as timing we covered footwork of Oji Waza (response techniques) and some ideas of Shikake Waza (strategy for set up techniques).
Today we reviewed Kitei and went deeper into Kime waza, and spen a lot of time with variations of Nagaashi Uke (sweeping blocks) which I believe increase the sensitivity to opponent rhythm, range and direction of attack, and can contribute to better kumite.
It was cold, minus 10, but real fun.


  1. It sounds great. Avi please on our Redondo seminar can you teach kitei ?

  2. Hi Juan,
    Sorry I just saw this comment, next seminar we should do Kitei.
    See you.