Saturday, May 28, 2011

St. Louis Seminar

The seminar was held on May 21, 22 at the Mo Karate dojo, which is run by the Power Brothers.

This is passionate, family like dojo thanks to the Power brothers who are doing amazing job, always improving their own karate and lighting the fire at their students.

We worked on Kogo kumite, which is a great way to develop strategic kumite, one side is offense, making strategy, trying to create a chance, and the other response (defense).

The offense side learns to be purposeful, but without rush, with the objective of creating a chance rather than attack.

The response side learns not to be defensive, waiting, but take advantage of the opponent’s attack, or any space.

We worked on Kite kata, which was created by sensei Nishiyama with other masters of Goju and Shito-ryu.

This kata has elements from both shurei te and Naha te systems, and used in fukugo, kata/kumite mixed division. We worked on the small details of this kata, the way Sensei Nishiyama originally taught it.

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