Sunday, November 18, 2012

Austria seminar

Seminar in Austria this past weekend was great, it was fun to see all my friends from Austria, Germany, Czech and Russia.
There was great enthusiasm which make me feel better about the future of Sensei Nishiyama's karate.
We worked on katas Kitei and Jion (the way Sensei was teaching them), and through the kata we explored fundamental principles: posture, feet make top technique, breath activate the feet, body action and inside muscle action, how to start a technique quickest without back motion, muchimi (body like whip) and kime (different aspects of pressure and contraction).
We cover Oji Waza (response timing techniques) in the first 2 days, and in the last day we spend a lot of time on setting up and creating a chance.
We practiced Sasoi Waza (inviting the opponent's attack), and we spent a lot of time doing combinations attack, learning how to stay mentally and physically ahead of the opponent, not allowing opponent to recover from backward momentum, always reacting to his/her reaction to us, while closing the distance for Todome (finish technique), we spent time understanding the start up timing for combinations, initiating between opponent's rhythm, reacting to the chance with the breath and feet rather than looking and judging.
Thank you for great spirit.

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