Friday, April 10, 2009

Knowledge vs. Free mind

When we start learning karate, we must learn technique and kata first, we must have the knowledge of details of technique. This knowledge can become a hindrance when we hang to it, when we let it shape and condition the mind in a particular way. Than this knowledge prevents us from new investigation and discovery.

This is true with knowledge in general, we accumulate knowledge and memory which is important, without it we could not fly airplane, practice medicine and do essential things for our lives, but it can become a hindrance, set us in patterns, and prevent us from having a fresh, free mind that can discover.

In learning karate and learning in general we should not allow accumulation of knowledge top make us mechanical.
So we should distinguish between when knowledge is essential and when it becomes a hindrance.
The difficulty is to free the mind from the known so it can discover what is new all the time.

Great mathematicians can get stuck on a problem when they try hard to solve it but when the mind is quiet and have space the problem itself will reveal the answer.
We must have information about a problem but one must be free of that information to find an answer.
Similarly, in karate, one must have good technique, learned from the best teacher, but must be free of this technique to apply it successfully.

We acquire information, knowledge and technique, but we do not learn how to quiet the mind, how to keep the mind free, so we become a slave to a system which really means no creativity.
To have technique is meaningless without creative mind.
There must be first freedom of the mind for creativeness to take place, and than technique can express this creativeness.
We must teach technique first to introduce a person to karate or any knowledge, and at the same time have the awareness that we do not become dull, mechanical by this technique.

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